A must-have app for communication success—and it’s free!

Published: 26/07/2017 18:54

“Free” is one of our favorite four-letter words. Yours too? That’s no surprise. People LOVE free stuff—whether it’s a glow stick to take home from a concert, free samples to taste at the supermarket, a tee shirt from a festival or a free beverage on your birthday. Sure, you can do without ‘em, but those little extras can be a lot of fun when they come your way.

Now, how often is it that you find something that you must have and don’t have to buy it? You know, something practical with lasting value. We can’t answer that for sure, of course. We’re just delighted that one of the newest innovative must-haves in the augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) world is our very own Tobii Dynavox Pathways for Core First app.

And it’s free!

Pathways is like a GPS for parents, teachers or therapists accompanying young people with complex communication needs on the road to more complete language and literacy. While helping a child or student take ownership of an AAC system with Snap Core First as its main component, Pathways is a perfect starting point. But take the app for a dry run and you’ll probably find more than a few good reasons to keep it for the long run.

Communication partners are sure to find confidence for the journey through the wealth of resources that Pathways offers. There are lessons, research-based tips and step-by-step directions for just about anything and everything you hope to see someone accomplish, communication wise. Oh, did we mention the more than 100 instructional videos on the app?  Short and sweet, the videos will help you get started and keep going. You can pretty much watch them in any order, for Pathways meets you where you’re at. Whether the person you’re helping needs to learn core vocabulary, combine words, increase their vocabulary or grow accustomed to using their AAC system in daily activities, Pathways lends instant and constant support.  Use it to improve device operation and navigation skills, track goals or repair communication breakdowns. The itinerary is all up to you.

No worries if the pace feels too fast or too slow along certain stretches. The estimated time of arrival for communication success is different for every person, every goal and every time you hit the road. Pathways works with you in keeping an eye out for opportunities for engagement, literacy, growth and other milestones of that success, so you don’t miss any.

By far, the best thing about Pathways (well, other than not costing a penny) is that it lets you give precise yet flexible hands-on support without having to borrow the AAC system even for a minute. And, of course, you know what that means: No child is left stranded without a voice

CLICK HERE to download Tobii Dynavox Pathways for Core First. 

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