A Pocket Guide to Navigating the AAC Device and Software Landscape

Published: 31/05/2018 20:07

There are lots of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) choices these days. How do you find the one that best meets your needs? No worries! Whether you prefer a speech tablet, tablet-app solution, traditional AAC device, or some combination of solutions, we have you covered.  Keep this article handy for all you need to know about current Tobii Dynavox AAC solutions.


Our speech-tablet family now includes the new Tobii Dynavox Speech Case, which lets you turn an iPad or iPad Pro into a speech tablet. We just rolled out the Indi 7, a smaller version of the Indi, the original all-in-one, purpose-built AAC tablet introduced last year. You can order all of our speech tablets online.

Funded versions of the Indi, Indi 7, I-110 and all of our I-Series products are available if you prefer to go through the traditional funding process to obtain a dedicated speech-generating device. Dedicated devices are purpose-built for AAC and typically purchased through Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance on the recommendation of a speech-language pathologist. These devices are often more durable and include a no-questions-asked warranty. Tobii Dynavox offers additional support for dedicated devices.

Every device in our AAC portfolio has the style, practicality and convenience of popular mobile technologies.

Every device in our AAC portfolio has the style, practicality and convenience of popular mobile technologies. Each comes ready to use out of the box and has ergonomic design features so individuals can communicate immediately and comfortably.


Our AAC software is also created to use right away. Chances are you’ll find a version for a platform you’re already using. Our highly intuitive symbol-based Snap Core First software is available, for instance, as an app for iOS or Windows tablets, and with our speech tablets and eye-controlled AAC devices. Be sure to download the free Pathways for Core First companion app to help you make the most of your experience. 

For those seeking a software platform that converts symbols or text to clear speech and offers computer access, Communicator 5 might be your answer. Communicator 5 is compatible with the Indi 7, Indi, I-110 and I-Service devices as well as Windows tablets.

The Tobii Dynavox Compass app is available for our I-Series, I-110, and Indi devices, as well as iOS and Windows tablets. 

AAC decisions don’t have to be either/or. Some people choose a speech tablet or dedicated AAC device as a primary solution, and a tablet-app combo for back-up or use in specific settings or situations. Some families have multiple tablets including one that a child uses just for AAC while using a separate tablet for videos, games, music and other fun activities. Parents and professionals often say this better promotes long-term communication success than mixing the two functions in one computer. 

Remember: Communication happens all day, every day. Whatever solution(s) you choose, we want it to be successful. Our ecosystem of free resources and supports can help keep your journey smooth.

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