Your AAC Travel Checklist - Part 1: Hardware

Published: 26/06/2018 16:08

Taking an AAC device on the road this summer? Here are six things to take care of before you leave home. Keep this checklist with you while you’re away so communication stays on course wherever you go. 

Full charge. Charge the device fully on the eve of your trip. The battery life of our current devices ranges from 8 to 10 hours for normal use, so be sure to pack the charger along with a spare battery or two.

International plugs. Traveling abroad? You’ll need the correct plug adapters for the countries you’ll be visiting. Adapters for most of North America and Europe (including the UK) come with your Tobii Dynavox device. Double check beforehand to make sure they’re the ones you’ll need.

Pack with care. When packing your device, use bubble wrap or similar covering to protect it from damage while in transit. Bring an iPad or other backup communication solution to use while your device is packed away.

Play it safe. When the device is not in use, keep it in a durable travel bag or other protective case, preferably with a shoulder strap for easy carrying.


IR capabilities prep. Electronics vary from place to place. If you stay at more than one location during your trip, you’ll likely need to reprogram remote commands to run TVs, stereos, lights and such from your device. This can be done easily without having to delete commands you need at home. As time passes, you can erase commands you’ll no longer need for your trip to free up space on your device.  

Emergency contacts. Program the names and email addresses of those who can help you if issues arise, including our technical support team.


Part 2 of the checklist will bring some travel tips relating to AAC software. Please stay tuned!

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