Your AAC Travel Checklist – Part 2: Software

Published: 05/07/2018 15:18

What could be better than taking a summer vacation?

Well…talking about it! And our AAC software makes it super easy. Here are some of our favorite summertime communication tips to bring along when you or a travel companion uses AAC technology.

Take it day by day. A concrete plan helps the person using an AAC device, speech tablet or iPad for communication adapt to changes in routine. Tobii Dynavox Snap Core First software lets you create scripts, social narratives or visual schedules to help them stay on track.  For children especially, phrases like “Our hotel will have a TV and beds just like home,” and “You can bring snacks and your favorite fuzzy blanket” can bring comfort, reduce stress and encourage communication.

First things first.  You’re bound to meet new people while traveling so be sure to prepare the AAC system with vocabulary for introductions. Include preprogrammed messages that let a person explain his/her AAC use and reconnect with friends or relatives from past vacations.

Make it your own. Customizing topics and vocabulary in symbol-based Snap Core First is a breeze. Same with our Communicator software designed for individuals who are further along in their literacy development. You can create new content for every place you visit and change it on the spot if plans change.

Listen, teach and learn.  Communication is a team sport. Be an attentive communication partner so you can show new or less familiar partners how to interact with the AAC user. The free downloadable Pathways for Core First app can help you.  While its videos, Top Tips, lessons and activities are tailored to Snap Core First, these resources transfer easily to other AAC software. 

Bring it home. If your AAC system has a camera, be sure to take pictures. Use the technology to create a digital journal or scrapbook so you can relive your vacation fun through conversation anytime.

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