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Published: 13/04/2020 09:03

Most educational activities are designed for learners that use paper and pencil. Even most educational apps require touch input. If you have a learner that uses alternative access methods like scanning or eye gaze, you may feel limited in your choices for home instruction.

Boardmaker can help you make learning accessible for everyone. Activities in Boardmaker can be completed with touch, scanning, and eye gaze. 

If you are working on an activity with your learner and need to switch the access method, go into the user settings to change it. If you want to make all activities for a learner automatically open using alternative access methods, change the user settings in the student account. Boardmaker allows your learner to open the activities using touch, scanning or eye gaze. Simply, individualize the settings within the access method to maximize independence.

View the videos below to learn more about customizing access methods in Boardmaker Online. 

Individualizing Content and Access Methods (7 minutes)

Student Access with Scanning in Boardmaker Online (30 minutes)

Looking for additional resources? Our Learning Hub offers a number of free on-demand courses for ASHA CEUs covering a wide range of topics. Additionally, we invite you to see what live events we’re running on our Support Page

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