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Published: 13/04/2020 09:00

Hands-on activities are a great way to support learning. However, with stay at home restrictions, it can be challenging to buy the materials you need. Boardmaker can help make learning fun and interactive without having to go to the store. 

Boardmaker Online has over 200 interactive templates. You can create engaging hands-on learning activities for any topic. Learners can manipulate and interact with the activities you have created using a computer, iPad, or Tobii Dynavox device. 

Let’s look at an example of how you can share interactive activities. In the classroom, your learner may have been sorting objects by color or shape. Now, simply use our sorting templates to create an interactive sorting activity that is easily customizable.  Simply choose how many categories you’d like, then add PCS symbols, images from the internet, or even your own pictures as sorting items. You can repeat this activity again-and-again using different sorting items. 

Counting objects is an important early math skill. Using an interactive counting bin template in Boardmaker Online, your learner can drag up to 16 items into bins and hear the numbers counted aloud. Just like the sorting activity, you can easily customize this template so that your learner can count their favorite things. 

Many families are using this time to teach their children functional skills. Use our interactive sequence templates to have your learner sequence home routines such as washing hands, setting the table, ­­­­and making a snack. The possibilities are endless.

Watch the video below to see how to create an interactive activity with a Boardmaker Online template. Use the Template Guide to find all the available interactive templates.

Creating Activities from Interactive Templates (5 minutes)

Boardmaker Template Guide

To send interactive activities to your learners virtually, watch the video on how to use the Student Center App.

Using the Boardmaker Student Center App (5 minutes)

Looking for additional resources? Our Learning Hub offers a number of free on-demand courses for ASHA CEUs covering a wide range of topics. Additionally, we invite you to see what live events we’re running on our Support Page

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