Creating a Schedule

Published: 06/04/2020 17:10

Boardmaker is here for you during this unprecedented time. 

We all miss face-to-face instruction and therapy, which leads to many questions. How will I provide the instruction and intervention my learners need? How will I keep learning effective and engaging? Boardmaker wants to help you navigate home learning. 


Visual Schedule

Let’s start with a visual schedule that provides support and structure for your learners. You can find a variety of visual supports in Boardmaker Online, including a 5 step schedule. You can use this schedule to make a morning routine. For example, you might customize the schedule with words and images for breakfast, reading, puzzles, chores and outside.  As your learner completes each task, he can check it off the schedule and move to the next activity. Keep in mind, you can customize the schedule to meet your learner’s individual needs.

This video demonstrates how you can make a visual schedule with Boardmaker Online.

How to Create a Visual Schedule (3 minutes)

If you don’t have a Boardmaker Online account, here is a tutorial on how to create a free 90-day trial.

Create a Free Trial Quick Guide

Looking for additional resources? Our Learning Hub offers a number of free on-demand courses for ASHA CEUs covering a wide range of topics. Additionally, we invite you to see what live events we’re running on our Support Page. Check out for a wealth of resources and supports. 

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