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Published: 26/09/2017 15:47

Matches Made in AAC Heaven

Call us hopeless romantics, but we like to believe that every augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) dream can come true. Given our belief that AAC solutions are a matter of personal choice, playing matchmaker isn’t exactly our style. So instead, we had some fun personifying three new additions to the Tobii Dynavox product portfolio and imagining how each would portray itself in a personal ad seeking someone to adopt them as their voice. Check out these prospects and you may find yourself—or someone you care about—a match from AAC heaven!

The I-110

If you approach every day like a brand new adventure, let’s explore life together! I’m perfect for novices as well as longtime touch AAC device users who want something light yet strong and dependable at the same time. You can take me anywhere, indoors or out. But be forewarned: I'm the rugged type. You know, up for anything! No fuss. No drama. Oh, and I’m not picky about your age. If you choose me, you’ll also get a full range of communication software that lets you say what you want and when you want, using the kind of language you’re comfortable with—whether you prefer words, symbols, a little bit of both, or more context or less! And I won’t leave you when the going gets tough. Built to last, rain or shine, I’m yours.



The Indi™

Think you’ve seen me somewhere before? Well, I am about the same size and shape of most off-the shelf tablets. And if you don’t mind my saying, I’m just as cute if not betterPeggy & Steve with Indi looking than the rest. The difference is I’m all about speech. I am, in fact, the original all-in-one speech tablet.

Yeah, I’m a bit radical, but you can absolutely count on me. The minute you take me out of the box, I’m ready to make freedom of self-expression a reality for you, whether your communication needs are related to a developmental condition like Down syndrome or autism, or an acquired one such as bulbar-onset ALS in its early stages or aphasia resulting from a brain injury or stroke.

What makes me a game changer above all else is that I’m preloaded with Tobii Dynavox Snap™ Core First® language software—your ticket to engagement, growth and literacy no matter where you are in your AAC experience. And if your language and literacy skills are more complete, you’ll be happy to know that I’m also available with the Communicator 5 software package.

Interested in a Tobii Dynavox I-110 or Indi? To land either of us, you can go through the traditional funding process for dedicated speech-generating devices that many of you are already familiar with. Or, if it’s more convenient, order us online.


Snap Core First

I’m really hot (not just superficially) so I need my own personal ad. No matter how experienced you are with AAC software, you may never look at another once we meet. My best quality is that I’m as predictable as the arrival of fall in September. But wait—even that gets better because, well, I want to make communication all about you—whether you’re a young person on the autism spectrum or someone a little older facing cognitive challenges.

How is it possible for me to be so flexible, intuitive and organized? Well, besides presenting you with a treasury of language all color-coded and arranged by parts of speech, I keep your vocabulary in the same location on every grid you create--small, medium or large. Words for any conversation are at your fingertips. But I’m not so naïve to think that every conversation is rosy. That’s why I offer positive, negative and neutral phrases for whatever subject comes up. Need a mini-schedule, social script or visual timer? I’ve got all of those supports and more. Yep, your mom would probably call Snap Core First a good provider.

Not to rush things, but I’m excited for you to meet my friends, especially my true-blue buddy the Tobii Dynavox Pathways for Core First app. Pathways is free, downloadable and has a heart of gold. Wait ‘til you and your communication partners see all the amazing step-by-step directions, educational videos and other expert resources Pathways wants to share to make this journey easier and more exciting for you.

To say there’s someone—uh, we mean some AAC solution—for everyone sounds so cliché. But this trio of solutions we’ve introduced you to are literally beautiful, handsome, loud, and clear. Whichever you choose, you’ll know—and love—what you’re getting into.





























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