Meet Author Sara Pyszka

Published: 22/03/2021 20:41

We recently had a Q&A with writer
(and friend), Sara Pyszka. The author
of three books, Sara, shares a bit about her
writing process, what's coming next for her
series Just Be, and what Cerebal Palsey
Awareness Month means to her. 


Tobii Dynavox: What inspired you to start writing?

Sara: I had been writing on and off ever since I was a teenager, but there was one situation where I experienced pure ignorance from someone. You can read more about it in my memoir, INSIDE MY OUTSIDE, but that was the night when I had to write to educate people.

Tobii Dynavox: What is your writing process like?

Sara: Sometimes, I start a scene knowing exactly what I am going to write. Sometimes not. Either way, I write each paragraph on my I-13 device and send it to my PC via Bluetooth.

Tobii Dynavox: What doors have opened for you since becoming an author?

Sara: My favorite part of being an author is hearing how people connect to my books!

Tobii Dynavox: What have you learned from fan feedback? Have you met new people in the AAC community?

Sara: I learned my fans really love to know every aspect of my life so they can understand me more. I have also became friends with a few of my readers who use AAC.

Tobii Dynavox: What's next for your book series?

Sara: I have a series for young adults called JUST BE. They are about a girl with a disability who is just living a teenaged life. The third novel in the series will be out in the summer. I’m excited!

Tobii Dynavox: What is your advice for someone who has a story to tell and wants to write a book?

Sara: Just write it!

Tobii Dynavox: What are your recent favorite books or authors?

Sara: My all time favorite authors are Jodi Picoult and Colleen Hoover.

Tobii Dynavox: You have cerebral palsy and use AAC to communicate. What is your AAC set up like now?

Sara: I use a I-13 with single switch scanning.

Tobii Dynavox: What does Cerebral Palsy Awareness mean to you?

Sara: I really had to think about this for a minute. I don’t think it’s actually knowing everything about CP. It’s knowing how to interact with someone with CP.

Tobii Dynavox: How are you involved in the Cerebral Palsy community?

Sara: As an author, people come to me with questions. I try to answer them as best as I can.

Tobii Dynavox: OK, last question - let's make it a fun one. What celebrities would you like to meet?

Sara: Taylor Swift. Ed Sheeran. Anna Kendrick. That is all. Don’t judge!


If you'd like to learn more about Sara, check out her blog and her Facebook page

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