Nele's AAC Journey

Published: 26/10/2018 20:25

Lars Tiedmann is a Content and Vocabulary Developer at Tobii Dynavox. Below he introduces us to Nele and gives us a little glimpse into her AAC journey.

Nele’s AAC Journey

By Lars Tiedemann

In the picture, you see Nele and me on top of the Nebelhorn, a mountain in the German Alps.

I have known Nele for more than 21 years. I lived with her family during my civil service, instead of military service, on a small island in the North Sea (Baltrum). Nele was just seven years old at the time. Because of the island living, she went to an inclusive Kindergarten and school for 10 years. 


When Nele was a child she used switch-based scanning. Around 12 years ago, she started using eye tracking devices. She did her initial trial with a D10 and her first device was a P10. Nele uses first and second letters of words to access the words in her symbol-based vocabulary. We developed her vocabulary further and this got a lot of attention from other people. The result was the vocabulary “LiterAACy” which is used by a lot of people in Germany.

Nele has a GoPro action camera mounted on top of her I-Series device. She has a pageset that shows the webcam view and some commands to take pictures and to start or stop recording. It is nice that tools like Amazon Echo and GoPro have an improved voice recognition and can be used with our synthetic voices.

Nele is my neighbor now, and we live in an inclusive living environment in Freiburg, Germany. It is a building with around 80 people from very young children up to older adults. Some people have a handicap; others do not.

Because of Nele, I learned a lot about AAC in daily life and have developed my role as a professional.

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