Our Tobii Dynavox and Boardmaker Story

Published: 12/06/2019 17:07

By Ms. Miranda Galvin

Tobii Dynavox and Boardmaker can be spotted throughout room 248 at East Middle. From low-tech to high-tech, from visuals to communication, symbol based communication can be found on many surfaces throughout the classroom. We are lucky to have two student bathrooms – commercial signs designate women’s and men’s. Picture symbols from Boardmaker Plus! create a functional routine strip that lays out the bathroom routine as a whole and broken down by task within the bathroom routine. 

Bathroom specific social stories are within reach on binder rings.   

Instructional routines like morning meeting, calendar, address, and personal information can be presented in a full set strip, broken into specific types of information strips or presented one question at a time on a binder ring or loose squares. The expansive symbol library allows similar topics to be represented in unique ways.

Our district has adapted Core First based on the 8x10 board. A classroom board hangs in the middle of the room, while student versions hang from the front whiteboard.

My personal favorite low tech boards is this 8x8 with folders layout. Using color corresponding sticky notes, I covered all the words, and we have been uncovering a word a week for the past three years. As you can see on our classroom board, we only have a few to go!

Individual sized boards can be found around the room thanks to the flexiability magnets offer and the surplus of magnetic surfaces to be found. This particular individual size board lends itself to PECS stratigies as it is an individual board cut apart with Velcro securing the indivdual pieces to a second indivdiual board.

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