Take Your Cues from the 3 Pillars of Communication Success

Published: 20/11/2017 20:28

So…why is the excitement around Tobii Dynavox Snap™ Core First® building?

One theory is that there’s no time like the present to engage, learn and grow. We built Snap Core First around the pillars of engagement, literacy and growth to make successful everyday interaction possible for those who use communication devices and their communication partners. And now, just a little more than six months since we launched this symbol-based communication app, scores of people in the augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) world are giving it a whirl and liking it—a lot. Some, we’re proud to say, have even started calling themselves Snappers.

But we digress. Getting back to those pillars, well, they’re the reason powerful communication happens in the moment and evolves into something that lasts. Snap Core First gives users a firm hold on the pillars while climbing toward communication success. And the best part: Individuals can start where they are then branch out at their own pace.

The best time to help your favorite Snap Core First users begin their climb is now. Every season presents exciting new opportunities for interaction. Here’s how to make the most of them with each pillar as a guide.


Snap Core First sure puts you into gear for communication fast with close to zero prep time, thanks to its highly organized and eclectic language content that you easily make your own with the app’s on-the-spot editing capabilities. Navigation is super intuitive. The simple press of one button gets you where you need to be to start a conversation, answer a question or even change the subject. Using preset messages on the Calendar Talk topic page, for example, you can ask which holiday or whose birthday comes next,  and “How many more days?” You can say “This is my favorite season” then go on to talk upcoming events (or even why some people don’t like parties) using content from the “Celebrations” topic page and related word lists. All can be accessed within seconds, making it easy to stay engaged.  


From day one, literacy development is a work in progress and Snap Core First equips you for the journey. Its proven core word strategy for language learning stays front and center, so words we use all the time are—you guessed it—the press of a button away. You can go beyond the core in a matter of moments and weave more elements of language into your interactions. Find a topic such as “Seasons,” “Winter,” “Reading,” or “Song¸ Rhyme and Fairy Tales” (a related word list under the “Entertainment” topic) and you’re on your way to full-fledged relevant conversations about actual stories, songs and all that keeps literacy fresh year round.

Snap Core First’s seamless integration with the Boardmaker Student Center means you can practice skills using fun activities during holiday break—or anytime, really. You can use the app with the Accessible Literacy Learning (ALL™) reading program, and our Core First Learning books and lessons. The beauty of these resources, and the app itself, is that all can be adapted to an individual’s changing needs and abilities.


As Snap Core First brings engagement and literacy full circle, you can rest assured that users will be able to handle the load—and grow—without compromise. They can move incrementally from three to 80 buttons on a page and all their content stays in the same place as the grid size increases, eliminating motor learning issues. All the while, they have easy access to word prediction, keyboards, quickfires (familiar phrases “No way!”) and, of course, optimal communication—the finest gift Snap Core First offers and why it’s one of the best AAC apps around.

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Remember: The free Pathways for Core First companion app helps communication partners support Snap Core First users throughout their journey.

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