Send Activities to Your Students at Home

Published: 06/04/2020 17:36

Send activities to your learners at home with the Student Center App

Bridging home-school learning during this time may seem like an impossible task.

Boardmaker is here to help. The free Boardmaker Student Center App is a bridge between you and your students. You can send pre-made and individualized activities to your students from Boardmaker Online. You can even track progress because what you assign to your student appears automatically with the push of a button.

Here are few ideas for how to use Boardmaker Student Center.  If your student was working on matching in the classroom, you can send matching activities for them to practice on their home iPad or computer. If you were learning about planets before the pandemic, you can assign a labeling activity through the app. You can even create and assign accessible writing activities. Data is collected as students complete these activities so you can monitor completion and performance from home. 


These are just a few ideas. Watch the videos below to learn how to set up student accounts in Boardmaker Online and learn more about downloading and using the Student Center App.

Create Student Accounts (3 minutes)

Downloading and Using the Boardmaker Student Center App (5 minutes)

Download the FREE Student Center App 

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