Supporting Communication with Core Words

Published: 20/04/2020 20:19

Are you wondering how you can support communication at home with your child who uses AAC?  Snap Core First and Core words are a great place to start.

Core words are the words that we use all the time in conversation. Core words are powerful tools to teach communication. They have special importance to help your children talk about and understand the changes happening around them due to Coronavirus. 

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Below you'll find a few of the most commonly used Core Words and ways to implement them.

First, let’s see how you can use the word ‘Can’ and ‘Not’ throughout the day to show your child all the things they can and can’t do while at home. 

Can/Not - Watch now

Watch this video to see how you can incorporate ‘Go’ into your day.

Go - Watch now

Coronavirus leaves us with a lot of questions. This probably means our children have questions too.  We can empower our AAC communicators to ask questions by showing them how to use the word ‘What’.  Watch this video for some ideas.

What - Watch now

The core words ‘you’ and ‘I’ are easy to integrate into your day.  Watch the video below for some ideas on how to use these important words while you are sheltering in place.

You/I - Watch now

Help is a great core vocabulary word to teach your child because it has so many uses.  We can use ‘help’ to request an item or an activity, to ask for assistance in completing a task, or to understand how we can work to keep ourselves and others healthy during the coronavirus pandemic.  Watch this video for some specific ways you can use ‘help’ to expand your child’s communication.

Help - Watch now

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