The 3 Rs of Snap Core First

Published: 30/08/2017 17:28

Reading, writing and ‘rithmetic are inseparable when it comes to learning. And when it comes to communication, the same is true about the three Rs of Tobii Dynavox Snap™ Core First®. This highly intuitive symbol-based augmentative and alternative communication software is:

Real. Human interaction happens naturally, often interweaving comments, compliments, complaints, requests, details, questions and quips in the same conversation. Snap Core First mirrors that tapestry, giving communicators many ways to say just about anything at any given moment. When sharing big news, one person might start with a phrase like “I’m excited” or “This is cool” while someone else may prefer “I can’t believe what just happened” and Snap Core First lets them say it their way. Individuals can be choosy yet not too careful with their words. The family topic page, for instance, lets you tell how interesting or boring your family is. Accommodating of all communication styles, the software also helps each user to develop their own style. You know, it lets them be who they are.

Rich. The wealth of language content in Snap Core First flows from core words organized by color and parts of speech into an array of topic pages with associated words and phrases. You can start with a smaller grid size so the individual can build their vocabulary gradually or a larger grid, filling empty buttons with fringe and personal vocabulary related to a specific topic. Either way, you can draw from a bank of core language, QuickFires (small yet powerful words and phrases for everyday conversation) in a matter of seconds. There is plenty of room on the grids to create your own topics or add vocabulary so you can spread the wealth!

Robust. Whether you’re an AAC aficionado or at square one, Snap Core First matches your pace and skills. Setup, page creation and editing take just a few minutes, giving you the power to focus on what really matters—spending quality time with your favorite AAC user. Getting lost in the software is nearly impossible. As questions pop up, remember: we’ve got your back in so many ways. The free Pathways for Core First app, for example, lets communication partners make the most of everything Core First offers and puts expert guidance at their fingertips through articles, lesson plans and real-life videos. You can tune into our free live and recorded trainings anytime or visit to connect with team members and other families to share files and ideas. The free downloadable Core Word Lessons and Core Word Books are tools for mastering core language, showing communicators what each word means, how it is used, its position in the software and how it relates to other words. Core First Learning is a free web-based program you can access through the Boardmaker Online Student Center that uses interactive books to complement your child or student’s learning experience. 

With all of these go-to supports, Snap Core First could have an honorary fourth “R”—Resources. But who’s counting? We bet you’ll just be happy knowing you have a complete communication solution.


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