Language Galore for an Uncommon Day

Published: 16/08/2017 22:38

The rare total solar eclipse we’re waiting for is creating golden opportunities for conversation everywhere. Imagine the possibilities for learning and interaction if you happen to be with someone using augmentative and alternative communication during Monday’s big event or the days leading up to it. Then let Tobii Dynavox Snap™ Core First® lay the path. With rich language content that intuitively combines core words with a world of topic-specific vocabulary, this AAC software lets individuals shine at any point in their language and literacy development. A few ways to use it while talking about the eclipse are:

Ask questions using lots of core words. Examples: “What time will it be by our house?”, “When can I look?”, “Why do we need special glasses?”

Try out the SEARCH feature to find eclipse-related nouns (“earth,” “moon,” “sun,” “path,” “sky,” “universe” “scientist,”); verbs (“watch,” “hide,” “observe,” “turn”) and descriptors (“whole,” “dark,” “afraid,” “more often”), then think of ways the words may be used in everyday situations.

Use the occasion to introduce topics and phrases to make the language content more personal. You could add an “August 2017 Eclipse” topic for Snap Core First users to tell where they were and what they were doing during the eclipse. They might select a button labeled “No California” to say, “We live in California so we didn’t see the eclipse.” Or you can change up their Quickfires content by adding phrases like “It freaks me out” and “no big deal” to help them express feelings.

A total eclipse may be quite uncommon, but it means business as usual for Snap Core First when it comes to helping AAC users engage, grow and learn. So while the main focus is on the sky, stay on the path of communication and reach for the stars!

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