Hiding Buttons

Published: 05/09/2017 19:27

If you do not want to completely delete a button, but you don’t want it to be visible for a user you can hide it. Doing this allows you to see it in Edit mode, but it will not appear during active use.

To hide a button...

●        Go to Edit mode (click on the button in the top right corner of the screen.)

●        Then select the button you wish to hide.

●        Click on the “Hide” button on the top right of the edit bar that appears.



●        To unhide a button follow the same step, but select “Show.”


Hiding a button can be beneficial if you want to program a large number of buttons on your device but you don’t feel they are necessary at the current time. If the user progresses or finds a need for these hidden buttons, they can be accessed at any time by unhiding them. This allows you to have many buttons programmed on your device at once but only reveal them to the user as necessary.


Note:  Try not to hide buttons as a form of punishment.  We don’t take words away from individuals who cannot speak, and we shouldn’t take words away from AAC users.  If an individual is using message/button inappropriately, treat it as a behavior and address it as such.  Consider using the behavior supports that are available on the Topics pages to redirect challenging behaviors.

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