Holiday fun in a Snap!

Published: 14/12/2017 08:12

It is hard to believe that the holiday season is quickly approaching.  Getting kids ready for holiday fun is a Snap!  Use the following tips and tricks to identify opportunities to participate and create a positive communication environment.

Create a page with holiday photos. Everyone loves to look at photographs!  This is also a great way to support social interaction.  Import digital photographs from past holidays to allow your child to share information and family traditions with others.

Use positive behavior supports to get through tough situations. The holidays can be overwhelming and loud for many kids.  Use the positive behavior supports (available in all Topics) to provide visual supports during difficult times.  Plan ahead.  If you are going to a party, talk about what will happen, what behaviors are expected, etc.

Read a book. One of the single most important activities for building the skills essential for reading success is to read aloud to children.1 Visit the library or bookstore and pick out some special holiday books.  Don’t forget to locate (or add) special vocabulary onto your child’s device so that they can talk about the story.

Cook something delicious. Cooking with family offers many opportunities for communication and literacy.  Pick out your favorite recipes and use Word Lists to create the shopping list. 

Make some beautiful holiday decorations and ornaments. Use arts and crafts vocabulary to allow your child to create some beautiful ornaments.  They can choose paper color, glitter and other supplies to create special gifts for friends and family.

Teach new vocabulary. Did you know that children need repeated exposure to gain vocabulary?2 Spend some time exploring the holiday vocabulary already available on your child’s device or communication book.  Think of different ways to use the vocabulary and model often.



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