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Published: 10/10/2017 18:40

Did you know that students using Snap Core First can also access educational activities and games through the built-in Boardmaker Online Student Center App?  You will access the Student Center App from the Dashboard menu in your Snap Core First software.  Students can seamlessly and independently move between communication and instruction.

Screenshot of Snap dashboard

Here are all of the activities available in the Boardmaker Student Center App:

Access Games:  Use these activities for students who are practicing their chosen access method or during an assessment to determine the best access method.  Activities can be accessed via Touch, Gaze Interaction, and Scanning.  You may even find that students will enjoy playing games during leisure time.


Emergent Games:  These games were developed with emerging eye trackers in mind.  The activities included in the Emergent Games section are colorful and engaging and provide opportunities for individuals to practice their eye tracking skills.


Math Tools:  Looking for ways to include the AAC user in the classroom or at home?  Play a board game that requires dice or spinner.  Here you will find 1 or 2 dice, color spinner, and a number spinner that allow the individual to randomly (because that is how dice and spinners work!) roll for everyone playing the game.  You will also find a calculator for those tough math problems!


Core First Learning:  Use these activities to help your students learn the meaning, use, and placement of high frequency core words on their AAC system. The instructional sequence includes a series of reading, writing, and language activities that complement each other.


Book Bridge and Expedition Education Sample Activities:  These activities will give you a taste of what the Boardmaker Instructional Solutions have to offer.

  • Boardmaker Expedition Education provides monthly instruction that helps students build world knowledge through the exploration of history, geography, life, and a spotlight on culture.
  • Boardmaker Book Bridge is a curriculum to help students with special educational needs meet modern academic standards for reading, writing, and vocabulary development through grade-level literature.


Already have a Boardmaker Online account?  Assign activities to your students account to allow them to access instructional materials right on their AAC device (e.g., Indi, I-Series, iPad, etc.).


To learn more about Boardmaker Online, visit

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