Getting Started with Snap Core First

Published: 09/04/2017 00:55

Getting Started with Snap Core First couldn’t be any easier!  Hopefully by now, you’ve already turned on your Indi device and were guided through the quick setup wizard.  We’ve also put together a kit of resources to help you get up and running in no time at all.  Use the resources listed below to increase your technical and implementation skills:

Step 1:  Download Pathways for Core First

Pathways is a free app that will walk you through the steps for setting up Core First to meet the specific needs of the communicator. 

The purpose of Pathways for Core First is to:

  • Build communication partner confidence and skills
  • Support successful use real life
  • Facilitate ongoing growth of language, social interaction, and literacy skills
  • Encourage ongoing customization of Core First
  • Offer resources for learning/teaching

Screenshot of the Pathways home page

To download Pathways, click here.

Step 2:  Explore the Discover Tobii Dynavox app

Discover app screenshot

The Discover Tobii Dynavox app is a resource that is preloaded onto your Indi device. It will help caregivers and professionals more successfully use and implement Tobii Dynavox products and make getting started fast and easy.  The app provides direct links to useful content (e.g., videos, User’s guides, etc.) and where to get help and support. 

To access your Discover Tobii Dynavox app, go to the Windows Start screen on your Indi device and look for the live tile.

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