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Published: 24/07/2017 18:35

Feelings of isolation or being seen as “different” can sometimes have a negative impact on the happiness and overall well-being for individuals with significant communication challenges.  Because of this, it is our goal to make sure that people who use AAC feel as included and welcomed by their community as possible. This inclusion and acceptance begins by giving individuals the power to have a voice and express themselves in all areas of life.

At Tobii Dynavox, we encourage our users to communicate with a variety of message about many topics in as many settings as possible. Within the Community topic, you can find questions (e.g., Can you help me? How much? What do you mean?), general comments (e.g., I don’t understand, I want that one, I love this place), positive comments (e.g., I like it, Thank you for waiting, I understand), and negative comments (e.g., I don’t understand, This is horrible) that users can use in a community setting. Additional topics for time spent in the community include:  Airplane, Advocating, About Me, Car or Van, Dating, Mall, Grocery Store, Movie Theater, News Sharing, Transportation, Zoo, Travel, and much more!


All of these Topics together help our users become more connected and engaged in their community. To explore Topics, just select the Topics button in the Toolbar. 

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