Visual schedules, and scripts, and a timer…Oh my!

Published: 02/10/2017 15:54

Snap™ Core First® is not only beneficial for supporting language growth, building literacy skills, and encouraging communication that is social and engaging; it can also help support positive behavior!







Within EVERY Topic area, you have access to visual behavioral supports that are specific to the chosen Topic.  Some visual supports included in every topic are the following: a visual timer, a first-then visual, a mini schedule, and written scripts.


These visual supports are designed to help a user with their behavior in anxiety provoking situations. They can help prepare a user before an event or help support conversation and behavior during and after an event.



Remember these supports do not need to only be used within therapy or a specific setting. You can use these anywhere on the go to support positive behavior during  activities or in environments that are difficult.

 To find positive behavior supports in Snap Core First:

  • Select a desired Topic
  • Select Supports

The Supports available within Snap Core First were designed to provide examples of how to use these pages.  They can be modified and we recommend that you do this to meet the user’s specific needs. To modify one of the existing visual supports:

  • Open the Topic that contains the support you want to modify.
  • Select Supports.
  • Select Edit.
  • Select the button for the support you wish to edit.
  • Select Action
  • Select the desired Action. 
  • Modify the Label and/or Message for each element included in the behavior support.
  • Select Save.
  • Select Done.

For more information about modifying existing visual supports or creating your own, please see the Customize Core First section in Pathways for Core First.  Don’t have the FREE Pathways for Core First implementation app?  Download it to your iPad today!

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