Durable Case for Indi + Keyguard Holder

Protective case for Indi, including a keyguard snap cover.

The Durable Case kit offers extra protection for your Indi and the keyguard holder allows you to attach a keyguard.

This kit also includes a strap for carrying your Indi across your body or over your shoulder; a ConnectIT Mount Plate for attaching the Indi to a ConnectIT or REHAdapt wheelchair mount, floor mount or desk mount; a handle for easy carrying, a kickstand to place your Indi at a convenient angle for communicating while seated at a desk or table, and a Keyguard Holder for attaching Keyguards to your Indi.

Keyguard not included.

Product no: 520183

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Choose between 3 different colors for your Durable Case: Cool Gray, Raspberry and Teal Blue.

Please note: This kit only includes a keyguard holder. Keyguards are sold separately (here).

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