Keyguard for Indi with Communicator 5

Attach a Keyguard to the Indi + Communicator 5 to improve access for individuals with fine motor concerns.

Choose between different keyguards for Indi devices that are used together with Communicator 5 software. 

A keyguard is a transparent plastic plate that sits above the buttons on your Indi tablet. The keyguard's 3D grid structure makes it easier to hit the buttons you want to hit as the buttons get frames that you can feel with your fingers and hands.

The keyguards for Indi + Communicator are available for all different sizes of buttons. There are options from very big and few buttons up to many small buttons. Just choose between the different product options below, depending on which button size you use. 

Note: This product includes a keyguard only. Keyguards require a Durable Case Kit with Keyguard Holder (sold separately) to be able to attach the keyguard to the device. 

These keyguards are for Indi with Communicator 5 software only. If you use Indi with Snap Core First software, please choose a Keyguard for Ind + Snap instead.

Product no: 12005651

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