Keyguard for Speech Case 9.7" with Snap + Core First

Attach a Keyguard to your Speech Case 9.7" with Keyguard Holder to improve access for individuals with fine motor concerns.

Keyguard 3x4 Vocabulary Grid, 4x5 Total Grid, All Access

Keyguard with a 3x4 vocabulary grid, 4x5 total grid. With all access (message window, tool bar and menu access).

Note: This package includes the keyguard (insert) only. To be able to use it with your Speech Case 9.7", a Keyguard Holder for Speech Case 9.7" (sold separately) is required.

This keyguard is for the 9.7" Speech Case only and not compatible with the Speech Case Pro (12.9"). For Speech Case Pro (12.9") Keyguards, please click here.

Product no: 12006558

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