ConnectIT Floorstands "Tele Lock"

Telescopic rolling floorstand for AAC communication devices.

A widely adjustable overhanging arm composed of Monty3D tubes.

Low ground clearance for positioning devices over beds, sofas, recliners or wheelchairs. The column height is 103 to 173cm (40" – 68").

Available in two different variants (read more information below).

Light weight, yet with excellent stability.

ConnectIT is Tobii Dynavox's own mounting series, produced in collaboration with REHAdapt.

Product no: 12005074

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Space saving 

The gas spring supported, telescopic column height of the Tele Lock floorstands are adjustable. Tele Lock floorstands from the ConnectIT series have an adjustable height of up to 68"(173 cm) which enables you to mount your device in an elevated position.   

Wherever you need it 

The low ground clearance of the Tele Lock floorstand allows you to position your device over a bed, a sofa, a recliner or a wheelchair enabling you to use your device even if there is nothing to mount it to. 

Choose the arm that fits your needs 

You can choose between the Tele Lock and Tele Lock QP variations, depending on the option that feels more convenient for you.  

Easy to handle 

The Tele Lock QP (Quick Pack) floorstand option allows you to fold down the floorstand in no time and is accompanied by a handy rolling transportation bag that makes it easy to travel with the equipment in case you want to use your floorstand in several different places (for example at home and at school). 

Special design 

ConnectIT is a special edition series of REHAdapt's high-quality mounts, exclusively distributed by Tobii Dynavox 

ConnectIT Floorstand Tele Lock

Connect-it floorstand tele lock

The ConnectIT Floorstand Tele Lock is a stand-up mount which is both a secure system to adapt your device to and easy to handle.


Width 77 cm 30"
Length 79 cm 31"
Height 103 - 173 cm 40" - 68"
Device height 68-208 cm 27" - 82"
Tube 1 40 cm 15.7"
Tube 2 30 cm 11.8"
Tube 3 - -
Weight 7,5 kg 16.5 lbs
Load capability 7,5 kg 16.5 lbs

ConnectIT Floorstand Tele Lock QP

The ConnectIT Floorstand Tele Lock QP is a stand-up mount which is convenient to handle and has a stable mounting system for your device. It also has a Quick Pack feature and rolling bag.


Width 77 cm 30"
Length 79 cm 31"
Height 108 - 178 cm 42" - 70"
Device height 73-213 cm 29" - 84"
Tube 1 40 cm 15.7"
Tube 2 30 cm 11.8"
Tube 3 - -
Weight 8,5 kg 18.7 lbs
Load capability 7,5 kg 16.5 lbs

What is the difference between the ConnectIT mounts and REHAdapt's mounts? 

The ConnectIT mounts are designed and made exclusively for Tobii Dynavox by REHAdapt. 

All parts of the Tobii Dynavox ConnectIT mounts are silver and the tubes are a bit thicker on the inside for extra sturdiness and less vibration.  

Are these mounts compatible with REHAdapt? 

Yes, the Tobii Dynavox ConnectIT mounts are compatible with other REHAdapt mounting parts. 

With which Tobii Dynavox products/devices can I combine the ConnectIT Floorstand Mounts? 

Any of the Tobii Dynavox products can be mounted with ConnectIT mounting solutions. Most of our products come with a REHAdapt compatible mounting bracket or alternative brackets can be sourced for you. 

Please contact your Tobii Dynavox reseller or sales representative for device specific mounting brackets.

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