The New PCEye

Control a Windows computer using only your eyes, even outdoors.

PCEye is a new compact eye tracker that gives individuals with physical disabilities a flexible way to operate a computer with their eyes. It can enhance the use of a dedicated communication device by fitting Windows tablets, laptops and desktop monitors up to 27'' for both indoor and outdoor use. PCEye comes with Computer Control, an intuitive way to access and navigate a Windows computer with eye gaze. Surf the web and create documents. Play games. Make video calls and post on social – all with your eyes. For those who also need a communication system, PCEye can be purchased with our symbol-supported TD Snap app or with our text-based Communicator 5 software. It can also be purchased with an optional bracket to connect the PCEye to a Windows tablet.  

Product no: 111100

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Assistive eye tracking

PCEye is a compact eye tracker that enables people with physical disabilities to control almost any Windows computer with their eyes.  

Eye control

Outdoor eye tracking




Independence & flexibility

Access all the functions of a Windows computer, including small and large screens, both indoors and out completely independently.


Replace a traditional keyboard and mouse with your eyes and surf the web, connect on social media, play games, create documents and more. Simply connect the PCEye to your Windows device via USB, and access everything your computer has to offer, intuitively and independently with Computer Control.

Learn about Computer Control >


Use the PCEye with a wide selection of devices. It attaches perfectly to most Windows tablets, laptops and desktop monitors, with excellent performance on screens up to 27" in size. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, even in bright light.


PCEye is a discreet eye tracker that can be used as a complementary tool to a dedicated communication device such as the I-Series. It offers added flexibility and convenience to meet different needs throughout the day. Use it with a larger-screen computer for gaming, a laptop for meetings or a tablet for pared-down outings. 

Learn about the I-Series >


Based on 15+ years of testing across different ethnicities, eyewear and lighting conditions, our newest eye tracker delivers precise screen target selection and the fastest recovery time if the device loses track of your eyes. 

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What's in the box?

  • PCEye eye tracker
  • PCEye Carrying Case
  • Magnetic mounting plates
  • USB-A to USB-C adapter
  • Computer Control software (installer link)
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Training Cards

Software included with PCEye

Access everything a Windows device has to offer with Computer Control, included with every PCEye purchase.

Computer Control

Enables full control of a Windows computer intuitively using just your eyes. Easily launch Magic Eye FX, Snap Core First, Communicator 5 and more via Computer Control. 

Optional software for PCEye

The following optional software transforms PCEye into an affordable AAC device for those with speech and language disabilities, in addition to teaching eye control skills.

TD Snap

A flexible AAC software offering a choice of solutions to meet different needs, complete with tools and resources.

Communicator 5

A text-based AAC solution designed to help literate individuals with language disabilities communicate more efficiently.

Magic Eye FX

A set of games and activities designed to teach beginner-level eye gaze computer access in a fun, stress-free way.

The new PCEye comes with a 2 year manufacurter's warranty included. TD Care accidental damage protection can be purchased separatly.

Warranty Type



TD Care (#610202) 1 yr €299
TD Care (#610203) 2 yrs €549
TD Care (#610204) 3 yrs €799

PCEye Accessories

Make the most of your PCEye with these accessories.

Carrying Case

Take your PCEye with you anywhere safely and in style. Included with purchase and available to buy as a spare.

PCEye Bracket

Connect your PCEye eye to a Windows tablet with this custom-fit bracket. Sold separately.

Technical specificationsPCEye

285 mm × 15 mm × 8.2 mm
(11.22″ × 0.59″ × 0.32″) 


93g (3.3 oz) 

Available Apps

Computer Control
TD Snap 
Communicator 5 
Magic EyeFX

Compatible Software Computer Control
TD Snap 
Communicator 5 
Magic EyeFX
Snap Scene 
Gaze Viewer 
Inclusive Eye Gaze
Look to Learn
Boardmaker Student Center
Microsoft Windows 10 Eye Control
Apps using Windows 10 Eye Tracking APIs
System Requirements

Compatible Tablets
Surface Pro 6 and Surface Pro 7

Computer and Processor
2.0 gigahertz (GHz) or faster, 6th generation Intel Core (i3/
i5/i7–6xxx) and later, or equivalent AMD 64 bit processor


Hard Disk
450 MB

USB-A via adapter

Operating System
Windows 10 (64-bit) RS3 or newer

Eye Tracker
HID compatible



User Calibration

Power Consumption
2.2 W typical average

Screen Size
Recommended up to 27''

Gaze Data Rate
33 Hz

 User Distance 50 - 95 cm 
20-  37 in
 Processing Unit Tobii EyeChip™ with fully embedded processing
Mounting The PCEye needs to be mounted on a stable metal or plastic surface on your device. It should not be mounted on the glass of laptops, tablets, 2-in-1 laptops or similar devices.


Find full specifications in the PCEye user manual.


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