The ultimate touch-based speech generating device for augmentative and alternative communication (AAC)

The I-110 is assistive technology tailored for real life. Featuring a purpose-built, ultra-rugged design, Gorilla Glass, naturally intuitive user interface, and an IP54 classification, the I-110 is an AAC device that delivers exceptional durability, performance, and reliability. It even comes with an integrated kick-stand.

With the I-110, you’ll have the confidence and freedom to communicate however and wherever you want, giving you the power to break through boundaries and explore life on your terms.

The I-110 comes with TD Snap or Communicator 5, Snap Scene, ALL, and the Boardmaker Student Center, all pre-installed.

It is covered by a 2-year TD-Care warranty which includes extended support and damage protection, no questions asked.

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The power to break through boundaries

The I-110 is assistive technology that comes with a full range of communication software solutions pre-installed, including TD Snap or Communicator 5. Whether you’re a symbol-based communicator just starting out or fully literate, with the I-110 you can choose the AAC solution that works best for you. The I-110 is an all-in-one communication companion that’s ready to use out-of-the-box. As you begin your journey with the I-110, its durability will allow you to take it with you anywhere, rain or shine – because why should your adventure stop at the front door?

Designed to give you freedom

Start your adventure

with a sleek yet durable,
water-resistant design and
Gorilla Glass that can withstand
accidental drops and spills,
even without a protective case.  

Go anywhere

with a built-in kickstand and
numerous compatible access
method inputs beyond touch,
including switch-scanning, head-mouse,
and touch with keyguards.

Make a splash and be heard

with integrated, outward-facing
speakers that project powerful sound
and provide clear speech in any
environment, even from across the
room or in crowd.

Communicate your way

with a full range of software apps,
unique voices, and an ecosystem of
support, you will always have
a communication solution that
works for you.

The Power to be You

The power to break through boundaries

There is power in being able to live life on your terms and not having to worry about having a communication device that limits where or how you communicate. The I-110 is assistive technology purpose-built to withstand real life situations, so you can get out there and explore!

The power to focus on what matters

The I-110 gives you peace of mind with unparalleled software, warranty coverage, and customer support. So, you can focus less on technology and more on communication and language learning.

The power to fulfill your potential

The I-110 was designed to be a tailor-made AAC solution that can evolve with you as your communication needs change, taking the hassle out of often hunting for a new solution, and giving you the power to communicate on your terms.

Expertise you can trust

The I-110 speech generating device (SGD) is the innovative result of a highly-experienced team from Tobii Dynavox made up of educators, clinicians, PhDs, engineers, and professionals who believe everyone deserves a voice, the opportunity to gain literacy, and to achieve independence.

A one-time investment to help you grow to your full potential

We developed the I-110 so that you could benefit from a best-in-class AAC solution that removes conventional barriers of communication devices and allows you to live life on your terms. You no longer have to worry about getting caught in the rain, not being heard, running out of power in just a few hours, or having to spend additional money to keep “adding” to your speech generating device (SGD) as your needs change. With the I-110, you should only focus on your next adventure.


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The I-110 offers a suite of communication and learning support software pre-installed to let you start at any point, and then quickly adjust the software based on your change of needs. If you're just getting started as an emerging communicator, jump into Snap Scene, then move into symbol communication when the time is right. Already a symbol-based communicator? Use Snap Core First to start communicating quickly. If you're a literate, independent user, Communicator 5 offers advanced user functionality and control while you communicate. In addition, you will automatically get free access to all new Tobii Dynavox software titles.


TD Snap

Indi Core First screenshot

The success of the Snap Core First platform stems from the cohesive use of the Core Word framework, topics, quick phrases, behavior supports, word lists, and keyboards that let a user naturally interact. Core First, which has its roots in research by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, helps the communicator continuously build vocabulary and skills and takes advantage of motor learning by introducing new vocabulary systematically and purposefully, which allows users to move up or down and always know where to find vocabulary. It is built on three pillars for communication success: growth, engagement, and literacy.

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Communicator 5 

Screenshot of Comm5 Caregiver settings

Tobii Dynavox Communicator 5 is a software package designed to help individuals with communication disabilities communicate more efficiently. It comes with language content intended to match every AAC need. You can customize content through easy-to-use editing tools and communicate via text or symbols, as well as high-quality speech for face-to-face communication.

With a modern user interface, improved workflows, smart functions and easy access for caregivers, you can keep language up to date and communicate more efficiently.

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ALL logo

The Accessible Literacy Learning (ALL) Reading Program

The ALL program, created by Dr. Janice Light, Ph.D. and Dr. David McNaughton Ph.D., of Penn State University, is an evidence-based approach designed specifically to teach basic reading skills to students who are non-verbal and require augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).

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Picture of teacher using Boardmaker

Boardmaker Student Center app

Boardmaker Online offers a host of tools to support Speech Language Pathologists and Special Ed Teachers as they provide instruction to students. The Boardmaker Student Center app is where students of all abilities can go to access activities assigned to them through Boardmaker Online. The app brings the power of personalized visual supports and symbol-adapted educational materials.

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Snap Scene 

Snap Scene is an instant scene-based language learning app for emergent communicators that turns everyday moments into chances to learn and communicate naturally. Ideal for young children at the beginning stages of learning communication, Snap Scene lets you take photos and tag them with recordings for communication on the fly.

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A Comprehensive Ecosystem of Support


To keep the focus on communication and growth, you’ll receive access to a truly unparalleled and free ecosystem of content and a library of resources to be used together with Tobii Dynavox communication software.



Picture the Pathways homepage

Pathways for Core First

Pathways is a free, one-of-a-kind companion app for Core First. Designed to facilitate successful use of Snap Core First software, Pathways is a unique learning gateway that will enhance your partner communication skills and features an interactive goal setting tool, lesson plans, and materials, cheat sheets, and videos to help you make the biggest impact on user success.

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Pathways is also available as an online version accessible directly from your web browser.

Discover Now


Pathways for Snap Scene is a one-of-a-kind companion app that provides tips, suggestions, and real-world videos to show parents, teachers, and even therapists how to get the most out of Snap Scene. Based on best practices from experts in the field, Pathways helps build a foundation of language, interaction, and literacy for early communicators.  

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Indi Product page additional resources  buttom


With Snap Core First, you can back up all your files to the cloud via myTobiiDynavox.com, ensuring you’ll never have to worry about losing what you have created. Also, this is an excellent way to practice remote editing and modeling. Remote editing is important for parents or SLPs who want to make changes to their child’s pagesets while their child is still using the device for communication, and modeling is one of the best strategies for teaching someone how to use the device.

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Discover Tobii Dynavox is an app that comes pre-installed on the I-110 and was created to give quick and easy access to resources (training, quick links, tips, etc.) in one convenient place.




Indi in use

Core First Lessons and Core First Books

Free, downloadable Core First Lessons are designed to support the numerous free Core First Books we offer. The lessons focus on 3 key goals - to teach what each word means or how it is used; the position of the word in the system; and finally how the words work in connected text. 

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Dedicated support to give you peace of mind

The I-110 is more than a speech generating device, it’s a complete solution that comes with everything you need for the life of the product and is ready for you to get started right out-of-the-box.

Technical Support and Warranty

Included with every I-110 is a 2-year Tobii Dynavox TD Care warranty which provides complete coverage for repair or replacement parts, labor, return shipping, and telephone support.

What’s Included and Accessories

The I-110 includes a shoulder strap, which can be configured into a handle.

Additional accessory options include:

  • Daessy/ConnectIT reversible mount plate
  • ConnectIT mount plate with rigid handle
  • Durable Case for Keyguards with one keyguard insert
  • Additional keyguard inserts
  • ConnectIT mount plate with head mouse bracket

Have Questions About AAC?

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Type/Model  Tobii Dynavox I-110 
Processor Intel Atom x5-Z8350
Operating System Microsoft® Windows 10 Pro
Flash Storage 128 GB eMMC
Display 10.1 in (1920 x 1200 px)
Size 10.1 x 7.3 x 1.4 in (257 x 185 x 35 mm)
Weight 2.4 lb (1100 g)
Battery Type  4090 mAh
Battery Runtime >10 hrs normal usage
Battery Charge Time < 4 hrs
Speakers 2 x Integrated Speakers
Microphone 1 x 3.5mm Mic/Headphone

Rear-facing: 8 Megapixels
Front-facing: 2 Megapixels


1 x Power on
1 x Volume up and volume down

Wireless WLAN
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0 / BLE

Gorilla® Glass
IP54 Ingress Protection
Drop tested @ 5 ft (1.5 m)
Magnesium chassis


1 x USB 3.0 full size
2 x 3.5 mm Switch Ports
Headphone/Microphone Jack
12 VDG Charging Port

Included Software and
Language Options

TD Snap - English (US), English (UK), English (US)/Spanish Bilingual, German, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Spanish (Latin American), Chinese (Simplified), Portuguese (Brazil), French, Spanish (Latin American)/English (US) Bilingual, French (Canadian)/English (US) Bilingual, Spanish (ES)

Communicator 5 - English (US/UK),
Swedish, German, Norwegian, Danish,
Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Finnish

Snap Scene - English US, German,
Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch,
French, Spanish

Accessible Literacy Learning (ALL) -
English US

Windows Language Support

Supports all Windows 10 languages
and language packs (download may be

Infrared (IR) 4 transmitter positions

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