Speech Case

A durable case that transforms an iPad into a powerful communication device.

Speech Case turns an iPad into a powerful communication device for people with speech and language disabilities. This durable, fitted case has crash corners and a snap-on faceplate to withstand drops, and integrated speakers to project your voice clearly. Grab it on the go and put it down where you like thanks to a sturdy built-in kickstand and ergonomic handle. Add TD Snap communication app to transform an iPad into a true AAC device. Finger-guiding keyguards and a wheelchair mount plate are also available to purchase separately. Speech Case works with 7th & 8th generation iPads (not included).

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Unboxing Speech Case 

Take a guided tour of the Speech Case with our very own employees. 



A powerful communication solution

Transform your iPad

Speech Case is designed for augmentative and alternative communication, with a rugged outer silicone case that snuggly fits an iPad. A built-in handle and kickstand make it easily portable, and powerful speakers ensure your voice will be heard loud and clear. Speech Case is equipped with wheelchair mount plate holes, two switch ports and the ability to use keyguards, with related accessories available to purchase separately. 


Better together

Speech Case paired with your iPad creates a powerful communication solution. It offers the freedom to use familiar technology together with a trusted AAC solution. When used with the TD Snap app, Speech Case transforms an iPad into a true communication device. 

iPad Compatibility

Speech Case is compatible with the following iPads:

  • 2019 10.2-inch iPads (7th generation)
  • 2020 10.2-inch iPad (8th generation)

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Premium Devices

Speech Case

Warranty Type Term Cost
Manufacturer 2 yrs Included
TD Care (#610221) 1 yr 119
TD Care (#610222) 2 yr 213
TD Care (#610223) 3 yr 307

Unboxing Speech Case 

Take a guided tour of the Speech Case with our very own employees. 



What’s inside the Speech Case box?


Speech Case

Speech Case Charger

USB Charger Cable

Shoulder Strap

Quick Start Guide

Training Cards


Tobii Dynavox Speech Case 10.2"

Size & Weight

Size (w x h x d)

10.7 × 7.7 × 2.0 in
(273 × 196 × 52 mm)



1.6 lbs (624 grams)

Buttons and connectors


1 × Volume Up
1 × Volume Down
1 × 3 Position Selector



2 × 3.5 mm Switch Jack Ports
1 × USB-C



2 × 31 mm × 9 mm, 4.0 ohms, 5 W



Bluetooth® 3.0


Battery Technology

Li-ion Polymer rechargeable battery


Battery Capacity

15.54 Wh


Battery Run Time

∼ 8 hours normal usage


Battery Charge Time

∼ 4 hours


Power Supply

5.0 VDC 4.8A AC adapter


Operating System




TD Snap
Snap Scene
Accessible Literacy Learning (ALL)

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