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Published: 07/04/2020 19:39

Children are messy - it’s how they learn and experience the world.  However, in times like these we want to protect children from getting sick and from spreading illness to others. Proper handwashing routines are integral to keeping our families healthy. It can be difficult for children to successfully carryout the steps required for thorough handwashing. Let Tobii Dynavox help.

Below you’ll find Picture Communication Symbol (PCS®) resources to help teach children how to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.  

5-Step Handwashing Sequence

7-Step Handwashing Sequence

How to Stay Healthy Checklist

Follow these steps to implement the resources:

  1. Download these supports and review them with your child.
  2. Pick the handwashing sequence that fits the language level of your child. 
  3. Hang the appropriate handwashing sequence by each sink in your home. 
  4. Review them often and encourage your whole family to use them for successful handwashing routines. 

Bonus! For some added fun, take a video on your phone of your child completing the handwashing routine to teach the rest of your family how to stay healthy!

We hope these supports help to keep you and your loved ones healthy.

Tobii Dynavox will continue to provide resources to help support you during these uncertain times. We also invite you to see what live web events we’re running on our support page.  Check out our Learning Hub for free on-demand courses or book a virtual appointment with your local account manager.

For more “At home learning” resources, please click here. And for an easy, printable PDF of this post, click here.

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