Cerebral Palsy (CP)

The term “cerebral palsy” refers to any one of a number of non-progressive neurological disorders caused by damage to one or more areas of the brain.

If you or a family member has cerebral palsy, or if you are an education or speech professional that works with individuals with cerebral palsy, then you know how challenging communication can be. While symptoms vary from person to person, speech disorders can result from the motor deficits associated with cerebral palsy. Language disorders can also be associated with cerebral palsy. These speech and language challenges impact both individuals with cerebral palsy and their communication partners.

With support, individuals with cerebral palsy can express themselves to their fullest potential. Improved communication can lead to a full and satisfying life.

Communication for independence

At Tobii Dynavox, we believe that language is the foundation of communication and expression. In order to be truly useful and meaningful, the language available on a communication device must have a framework and structure. It must be more than a random collection of words and phrases. It must be appropriate for the communicator, meaningful to the recipient and relevant to the environment within which the communication is occurring. That is why we created a comprehensive portfolio of products to enable communication and foster independence.

  • Efficient – Because individuals with cerebral palsy may have difficulty expressing wants and needs, our communication software provide topic specific pages and quick messages that will encourage successful day-to-day interaction by making use of re-usable phrases and sentences that will support fast and efficient communication. These tools can also be easily combined to create more complete and complex messages (e.g., Hey, wait! Good night mom., etc.).
  • Precise – Precision elements take advantage of single word vocabularies (e,g,. core words and categorical dictionaries) to support novel message creation by combining individual words together to create a complete thought. Core-First, WordPower and Sono Lexis are all examples of core word page sets available on Tobii Dynavox devices; however, precision elements also include keyboards. Individuals with cerebral palsy can choose the keyboard layout that best meets their specific needs.
  • Organized – Many communication pages found on our devices offer a consistent button layout strategy which promotes motor learning. For individuals with cerebral palsy, a common progression across all age and communication ability levels will support their effortless transition to the next level of language, literacy and communication ability.
  • Customizable – We offers ease of use through flexible and intuitive customization tools such as symbol libraries, new page creation templates and digital images. Individuals can also use the built-in camera to take photos and incorporate them into communication pages.

How our products can help

We provide a range of tools that individuals with cerebral palsy need to overcome communication challenges, develop language and literacy skills, make choices, speak their minds and fully participate in life!

Our products support several key areas of needs, including:

  • Learning and communication
  • Employment tools 
  • Access to the world, through e.g. email, Skype, phone or Facebook
  • Environmental control, such as remote control of TV, Stereo, doors etc.
  • Social skills development

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