Boardmaker 7 Student Center

An educational app where learners of all abilities can access Boardmaker 7 material assigned to them.

Boardmaker 7 Student Center is an app that brings personalised visuals and symbol-supported educational materials home. It's included with any Boardmaker 7 Subscription, some of which offer the option of assigning activities to the app for students and tracking their progress. Assigned activities appear automatically in the learner’s account. It can be used on any tablet, computer or Tobii Dynavox device, on or offline. Use custom settings for eye gaze, switch, mouse and touch, automatically saved for a hassle-free login. Available for download from the App Store, Microsoft Store and Google Play

Use this version of the app for iOS 10 or older devices.

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For teachers and students

When paired with some Boardmaker 7 Subscriptions, teachers can assign custom activities to Boardmaker Student Center and track individual student progress.


  • Classroom View - Instructor login with access to rosters, personal playlists, or ability to login as a student
  • Student Assignment List - Student login, with access to a list of activities assigned to them
  • Performance Tracking - Activities are tracked, and data is recorded and sent to the server


  • Offline Operation – Once activities are downloaded, the app can continue to play without an internet connection
  • Accessibility & Settings - A full range of access methods are available including eye gaze, touch, mouse, switch and scanning

Tobii Dynavox Boardmaker 7 Student Center 

System Requirements

For iPad or Mac
iOS 11.0, 2 GB Storage
Mac OSX 10.13, 2 GB Storage

For Windows
Windows 10, 2 GB Storage

For Chromebook
Chrome OS 69, 2 GB Storage

Software Language

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