Origin HeadMouse Nano

Wireless head controlled mouse for hands-free access to your computer, tablet or Speech Generating Device (SGD).

Origin HeadMouse Nano only (no I-110 bracket!)

This product option includes:

  • The Origin HeadMouse Nano
  • Brackets for both the front and rear and simply the dual lock, velcro squares that the brackets also use, which allow you to mount the headmouse on your laptop, monitor, tablet, I-12, or I-15 device
  • Right-angle 6.5-foot and straight 2-foot USB cables (USB 2.0 Type A to Micro-B)
  • 50 target dots
  • Origin's 2-year limited warranty

Please note: This product option contains the HeadMouse Nano with the 3 default for laptops, monitors, tablets, or I-Series devices only. To mount your HeadMouse to an I-110 device, please choose the product option with the HeadMouse including the purpose-built I-110 bracket, instead!

Product no: 502895

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