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Core First Books & Lessons Set 1

Discover 36 beautifully illustrated books that are designed to support you in teaching your student specific Core words.

Each of the 12 words is supported with 5 unique Lessons that are designed to be used over the course of a week, and you have the flexibility to use the Books and Lessons in any way that is most supportive of your student. The Core Words included in Set 1 are: Go, Want, More, Stop, Not, I, You, It, Is, Can, Do, and Like.

Also, make sure to take advantage of our interactive program, Core First Learning from Boardmaker Instructional Solutions. A web-based program delivered weekly through Boardmaker Online helps your students learn the meaning, use, and placement of high-frequency core words on their AAC system. The instructional sequence includes a series of reading, writing, and language activities that complement each other. 

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