Which of the Sample Page Sets are best for eye gaze users?

Although most of the Sample Page Sets can be used by eye gaze users, there are a few that were designed with the eye gaze user in mind, as well as others that could prove challenging to eye gaze users. The following is a list of sample pages that were made for eye gaze users (and the section on the main page in which they can be found).

Especially made for eye gaze users:
Simple Table (Symbol-Based Communication)
Pragmatic Eye Gaze Book (Symbol-Based Communication)
Creating Documents (Text-Based Communication)
Encoding Board (Text-Based Communication)
Eye Phrase Prediction (Text-Based Communication)
Eye Control Words Pronto (Text-Based Communication)
Eye Control Typing Board (Text-Based Communication)
Eye Control EZ ABC (E-mail, Chat and SMS)
Creating Email and SMS (E-mail, Chat and SMS)

The following is a list of sample pages that contain some small targets that could prove difficult for eye gaze users. Could be challenging for eye gaze users: Appointment Calendar and Appointment Calendar 2 (Calendars and Schedules)
Schedule and Schedule 2 (Calendars and Schedules)
Photo Album Ideas (Music and Photo Albums)
Music Player  Simple (Music and Photo Albums)
Yahtzee, Yatzy and Yatzy 2 (Games & Exploration)
Match Games (Games & Exploration)
Edit Phrase Lists (Text-Based Communication)
Simple On-Screen Keyboard and Simple High Contrast (HC)
On-Screen Keyboard (Text based Communication)

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