PCS™ Symbols Collections

Every member of the Boardmaker Software Family comes loaded with a core collection of 4,500 Classic Picture Communication Symbols (PCS®)

Anyway, you can never have enough symbols, right?

That's why we created new PCS®

 by Tobii Dynavox Collections, featuring thousands of new symbols in three unique styles, all designed to better fit your students' specific learning and communication needs.

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Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) are a range of drawings originally created by Boardmaker, and now supported by Tobii Dynavox, that represent words and or phrases. They are commonly used in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and can be used with both high tech and low tech communication systems.

There are many examples of people using symbols of all types around the world for a variety of reasons in addition to AAC. Symbols can make an environment more inclusive. We can label items or areas with symbols so that people using different languages can understand. Hospitals often label their signage with symbols to enable people to more easily navigate the hospital environment. Multilingual communication boards have also been created to support refugees coming into a new country so that they can get the help they require quickly.

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