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Welcome to the Eye Gaze Pathway

The Eye Gaze Pathway develops the skill of using eye gaze to communicate and to learn.

Each of the six steps follow a clear structure and contain practice activities, instructional videos and communication tips to help get you on your way with eye gaze.  

Communication and learning are the focus points of the Eye Gaze Pathway. The practice activities are designed to demonstrate that communication is evident at each step of the pathway, regardless of the learner's experience with eye gaze. Added to this, the communication tips under the "Say" section provide some extra help for the communcation partner to engage in and develop the conversation all the way through the pathway. 

Learning objectives are connected to each practice activity. These relate to both the eye gaze skill that is being practised and the vocabulary that is developed through attempting the activity.   

While we recommend starting at the "Screen Engagement" step and progressing through the steps at your own pace, it is not a requirement to complete one step before moving onto the next. Therefore, feel free to experiment with the pathway and the activities within each step in a way that works best for the individual.

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