How to restore a Backup after the migration to 1.14 if it failed restoring

During the Migrating from the Microsoft store of Snap 1.13 to non Microsoft store version Tobii Dynavox Snap 1.14, the process will backup the customer data. In the event the process fails to restore the customer data follow these steps to restore the data.

1) Close Snap
2) Open File Explorer
4) Go to the backup folder (C:Users\<your user name>\Documents\SnapBackup_<timestamp>
5) Select everything, right click (or long press on a touch device), and hit Copy
6) In the address bar (not search), go to "%localappdata%\Packages\TobiiDynavox.SnapCoreFirst_mfvxwbzkc8qxc\LocalState"
7) Right click (or long press on a touch device), and hit paste. You can say yes to overwrite any files
8) Restart Snap.

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