Sono Key for Communicator 5

Streamlined access to your communication device.

Sono Key is a pageset for Communicator that provides literate people with comprehensive, streamlined access to their communication device. With Sono Key it is easy to chat, send emails, hold a conversation, and more!

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Tobii Dynavox Sono Key is a user interface for Tobii Dynavox Communicator that provides literate people with comprehensive, streamlined access to a communication device. With Sono Key it is easy to chat, send emails, call a friend, surf the web, play games, read, use social media or simply write down your thoughts.

Who does it help?

All literate people with varying levels of communication disabilities can use Tobii Dynavox Sono Key. It is very well suited for individuals with ALS, Cerebral Palsy or stroke/aphasia, and even possible to create different user profiles for use in multi-user environments.

Sono Key unlocks the full functional scope of your computer, making an independent life more of a reality.

Get your message heard

Speak out loud using synthesized speech, create, store and print your own documents, and access the full range of computer functions such as email, chat, Facebook, text messaging, E-Reader, games, media players and photo libraries. Tobii Dynavox Sono Key makes it happen and can even turn your communication device into an environmental control unit (ECU) for full control of your television, lights, doors and more.

Better computer access

Tobii Dynavox Sono Key offers various functional modules to ease your computer access. They include: E-Mail, Facebook, Media Player, Skype, a picture viewer and much more. Sono Key even supports the Kindle-for-PC E-Reader as well as popular Windows 7 games (including chess).  Windows Control, which gives you access to standard software on your computer, now offers a choice between either mouse emulation or Tobii Dynavox Gaze Selection.

Better customization and user experience

Everyone has their own preferences when setting up communication tools. Tobii Sono Key lets you optimize your input parameters and change the keyboard style to the one that suits you the best. You can personalize your communication aid by defining your own home screen with only the functional apps that you frequently use.

Better yet, all customization and settings are conveniently done in a central control panel – without having to go via Tobii Communicator’s edit mode.

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Tobii Dynavox Sono Key has many built in functions that allow you to communicate faster and make using your device easier and more efficient. Some of them are:

  • Windows on-screen keyboard – provides extended functionality and easy access for web browsing.
  • Quick Talk – speak without having to change applications.
  • Quick phrases – store as many premade sentences as you want, sort them into groups, and communicate faster.
  • Message history – easy access to the last utterances made, since these are often reused.
  • Screen functions – easily open, close, enlarge or reduce the size of applications.
  • Oversized buttons – large and easy to access buttons.
  • Alerts – program attention grabbing alert sounds on your computer for you or caregivers.
  • Volume control – quickly increase or decrease volume.

Customizable in many ways

Personalizing input methods is accomplished in a few seconds, and you can even choose from several different keyboard layouts including, abc and QWERTY, as well as keyboards optimized for eye control.

Sono Key offers a variety of selection methods including, direct selection by click or touch, selection with adjusted dwell time, scanning as well as eye control.

Even your homepage can be customized; simply select the modules you need in the Sono Key Control Panel.

All settings can easily be adjusted with no programming required.

Control AAC speech output and other functions

With Sono Key you have easy access to all the functions of your communication device, just to mention a few:

  • Text-to-speech – type and let your computer speak for you.
  • Skype – chat with friends and family.
  • Facebook – be part of the world’s largest social network.
  • Games – control the Windows games that are installed on Windows 7.
  • Calendar functionality – browse your calendar, add appointments, and create alerts for important events.
  • Music Player – listen to your favorite music whenever you want.
  • Photo Browser – take pictures with your device, view photos and create your own slideshows.

More than face-to-face communication

Communication is about more than just talking to the person next to you, especially in today’s society where new technologies are continuously introduced. Sono Key lets you be a part of this development by offering:

  • E-mail control – send and receive e-mails with the support of synthetic speech.
  • Mobile phone functionality – send and receive SMS messages and make regular phone calls.
  • Skype Chat – reach out to the more than 30 millions Skype users online
  • Environmental control – program environmental control functions for the TV, lights, household and more.

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