I-Series+ Color Profile

The Tobii Dynavox I-Series devices come with a custom color settings profile to optimize the screen contrast and color rendering. This profile comes pre-loaded on each I-Series and you normally don't have to make changes. The color profile can however be re-imported if required, e.g. if a Windows update reset the color profile to default.

To re-import the color profile,

  1. Download the attached file TobiiDynavox_I-SeriesPlus_ColourProfile_Installer.igp
  2. Double-click the downloaded file
  3. The Intel Graphics Control Panel opens automatically and imports the I-Series profile
  4. Under Select Profile in the top left, choose ISeries
  5. Click on Apply in the lower right corner and close the dialogue

Please note: the Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update can cause the I-Series colour profile to be overriden and set to the graphic card default settings. This can results in blury, washed out colours with less contrast. In this case, please re-import the profile as described here. This only affects I-Series+ devices with a serial number starting with TDI and running on Windows 10.

Download current version

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