What is a PMR - Power Management Reset?

To perform a power management reset on a Mercury, C-Series, I-Series, or I-Series + device, please follow the steps below.

1.  If the device is powered up, shut down the device properly.
2.  Unplug the power cord from the device.
3.  Unplug any accessory from the device including anything from the USB ports such as keyboard, mouse, switch interface; ethernet cable; switches from switch ports; and HDMI cord from HDMI port.  In the case of the C-Series, it is okay to leave the C-Eye attached.
4.  Remove the batteries from the device (or battery in the case of the Mercury).
5.  Hold in the power button for approximately 15-20 seconds.
6.  Plug ONLY the power cord back into the device and attempt to power up the device.
If the device does not power up, repeat one more time.  
If the device powers up fine, it is safe to attach the batteries and any other accessories making sure that the power cord does not fall out when reattaching everything.  Leave the power cord plugged in until the batteries are fully charged.

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