Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty Tobii Dynavox Products

Our Pledge

Tobii Dynavox warrants, during a period of twenty four (24) months from the date of shipment1, that our delivered products:

  • correspond in all material respects to their specifications
  • are free from defects of materials or workmanship
  • function subject to their intended use

If you discover a defect, Tobii Dynavox will, at its option, repair or replace your device with a new or refurbished unit of the same or similar model.


This warranty does not apply to consumable items, such as batteries, unless damage has occurred due to defects in materials and workmanship. Tobii Dynavox warrants that, if applicable, the product batteries will materially function in accordance with specifications for:

  1. ninety (90) days from delivery for external batteries.
  2. twelve (12) months from delivery of Tobii Dynavox products with internal batteries.

Products and accessories not manufactured by Tobii Dynavox are not covered by the Tobii Dynavox Manufacturer Warranty, nor are defects or malfunctions caused by:

  • third party products
  • alteration or modification of the product (s)
  • using the product (s) in a way which is inconsistent with the intended purpose
  • using the product (s) in a manner or purpose other than specified in the user manual
  • negligence
  • normal wear and tear of the hardware

The Tobii Dynavox Manufacturer Warranty is considered null and void if damage has been caused, in our estimation, by disassembly or other modification by any party who is not specifically authorized by Tobii Dynavox to provide such service.


Tobii Dynavox shall not, under any circumstances, be liable for any indirect or consequential damage, including but not limited to loss of business or goodwill, loss of revenue or loss of profits. Tobii Dynavox´s liability under the warranty shall be limited to the order sum, i.e. the total price of Products and Services delivered. This warranty does not guarantee uninterrupted use of your device.

Neither party shall be liable to the other for failure or delay in the performance of an obligation due to events that are unforeseeable and beyond the control of either Party, such as but not limited to war, fire, explosion, labor conflicts, acts of nature, embargoes or government regulations and restrictions that interfere with the obligations carried out hereunder, provided that the Party affected by such case of force majeure gives prompt written notice of such condition to the other Party and resumes its performance as soon as reasonably possible.

How to get Warranty Service & Support

Prior to returning any product to Tobii Dynavox, please contact our support team for a Return to Manufacturer Authorization (RMA/RA).

Service Options

For questions concerning extended warranties or service options, please contact your Tobii Dynavox representative.

These warranties replace all other warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. However, some laws do not allow the exclusion of implied warranties if these laws apply, then all express and implied warranties are limited in duration to the warranty period.

In the US, this warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.


1 The 24 month warranty period starts from the date of shipment of the device when it is first purchased. If the device is repaired or exchanged, the original warranty will still start at the original date of shipment (of the original device) when it was first purchased; a new 24 month period will not be restarted.

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