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Publicerad: 2017-07-10 18:06

There are so many topics to talk about, especially at home! Some of the best way to start a conversation and keep it going is by using some of the Topics suggested for home communication. Almost all of the Topics within Snap + Core First can be used for common conversation in a home setting, but one frequently used topic is About Me. Within this Topic users can discuss what they like, dislike, and other things about themselves and their feelings. Make sure to spend some time customizing the buttons and messages on this topic too.  Add a photograph of the individual and program specific information (e.g., name, birthday, email address, etc.) that is important to them.

Another topic that can be beneficial for home talk is Pets. This Topic holds a number of preprogrammed sentences and phrases that can be used to talk to your pet or about it. Meals and Toy Play are other topics that are commonly used in the home.

Remember that you can use any of these Topics anywhere you feel is appropriate or helpful! Each topic has additional Word Lists relevant to the topic to help the conversation flow smoothly for the individual and his or her communication partners in addition to tools to help support positive behavior while communicating during the chosen Topic.

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